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Jigyasa Leadership Session One: As I witnessed

Panel Discussion

Jigyasa, a curiosity adventure series was recently organized in town in the presence of more than 100 enthusiastic youths.

The session, centralized on the theme ‘environment’, started with the introduction of two key speakers: Anil Keshari Shah, CEO of Mega Bank and Ghana Shyam Gurung, Senior Conservation Programme Director at WWF Nepal. The whole room slated for silence and a bunch of applauses to the inspiring words of Mr. Shah on leadership.

He managed to knock off the pre-conceived ideas of the audience that our country is poor and lacks resources; he showed why the reason behind our country lagging behind wasn’t unavailability of opportunities, of resources but lack of good leadership. To many of us who were unknown about economic leadership, he brought it to our concern discussing how the economy can play a great role on outwarding for a better society.

Most of his talks were focused on enhancing leadership quality in oneself. He portrayed ideas on why youths should invest in the development of the nation and why it is more than important to have time for our country which has been starving for change since decades.


On the latter half, Dr. Gurung took the stage to reflect on the importance of conservation. Being an official at WWF, he gave us the broadened perspective on how WWF functions and what it majorly confines to. He share with participants about the scale and effectiveness of WWF programmes in Nepal along with the measures on WWF is trying to bring maximum engagement with the youths by providing them not only mentorship but also necessary funding.

The other exciting part started off with the media person Radha Krishna Dhital hosting a panel discussion with two of the speakers on how development activities can be carried out without destruction of the resources; choosing sustainability concerning environmental concerns. The discussion emphasized on the Green Business and whether or not to invest on a new business model instead of practicing the existing model.

Around the end of the session, the enthusiastic audiences were given with a chance to put forward their queries and suggestions to the panellists. The entire room looked excited to solve their curiosities and enhance their perspectives.

The next session in the series will happen on July 15 on the theme ‘Health’. Registration for the session is open and be done online at https://www.sanosansar.org/2016/06/jigyasa-leadership/.

Photos Courtesy: Sano Sansar Initiative

By Jamuna Gautam

The writer is currently doing her internship at Glocal Khabar.