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John Legend : Kanye Believing Me Was Important


June 11, 2015: In a recent interview John Legend expressed thank to people who helped him regarding his career while talking about his new song “My Imagination,” off of the Finding Neverland album.

John legend, said that he met Kanye when he moved to New York and he signed him to his production company, and that really made an investment in launching his career as a solo artist.” Kanye believing in me was really important”, said John.

Legend has a lot of people to thank for helping him realize his dreams who has believed in him and his career since the beginning. Legend mentions, “I had teachers. I had music teachers. I had choir directors, all that saw my talent and wanted to nurture that and help me grow as an artist.” He further mentioned that One of those loyal supporters is Kanye West.

Legend casually sitting on a stool in a leather jacket with a smile said, “I think it’s critical that you have people believe in you. I had people all along the way.”


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