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Join South Asia International Model United Nations (SAIMUN)


Kathmandu, November 26, 2015:South Asia International Model United Nations is essentially a simulated debate platform where participants learn–as active agents–diplomacy, artful negotiation, and the operation of the United Nations and how it can facilitate international relations to achieve dynamic and impactful humanitarian goals.

The conference aims to foster global relationships among countries around the world, involving the innovative youth of international origin on December 25-27, 2015 at The British College, Trade Tower, Kathmandu. At this conference we hope to have delegates between the ages of 16 and 21 from at least 10 different schools around the Kathmandu valley.

Participants in our MUN conference will take on, as a committee, current or historical world crises and through effective debate brainstorm and adopt insightful resolutions that go beyond the politics of competing national interests and benefit the world as a whole. We aspire to empower the youth in this global meet by familiarizing them with agendas and issues of UN member nations as they become more confident in debate and public speaking. This conference will be an all-encompassing event that students from academic institutions in Kathmandu–especially students who have never had the opportunity to participate in such conferences before–as well as observers from all walks of life may share in the learning. At SAIMUN we hope to expand the reach of Model United Nations in the hope that we can inspire political consciousness and social responsibility in Nepali students and empower them to become the leaders our society needs today.

Model United Nations conferences have been held all over the world since the 1950’s, but this event format is a relatively new phenomenon in Nepal with only a handful of schools participating in this type of conference in the past few years. The organizers of SAIMUN aim to change this and bring out the debaters, problem solvers and diplomats in all of our participants.


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