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‘Just a tent would do for now’


Syuchatar, April 30,2015: Six people including an expecting mother died when the house of Baikuntha Bidari in Syuchatar was leveled in the Gorkha quake on Saturday.

“Even concrete houses in the area could not withstand the powerful tremor”, said local resident Prakash Gautam, who lost his daughter in Bidari’s fallen house. According to Gautam, no relief support is yet to arrive here even six days after the disaster.

The bodies were retrieved from the rubble, using a dozer provided by the local youth club while the road in the area was only cleared on Wednesday. A Nepali Army team came for inspection but never returned back.

Villagers turned homeless used locally available plastics and sacks to construct tents and spend the night in the open sky. With power supply yet to resume, people here have not been able to charge their mobile telephones for necessary communication, said local resident Jayaram Gautam.

Two youths stopped a yellow-plated RSS vehicle carrying journalists on a field reporting Wednesday and asked, “Are you from the NEA?” They were dejected upon learning that people onboard the government vehicle were actually media persons.

Likewise, showing his damaged house in Syuchatar, RSS staff Madhu Sudan Aryal’s son said, “Though the upper storey of our house is fine, the lower storey has suffered multiple cracks. As a result we are spending nights in open sky in the field.”

A large number of people had queued at the Saraswati Lower Secondary to receive noodles packets. “This relief support is from the Jyoti group, we have not yet received anything from the state”, said local resident Harihar Gotame.

Om Bahadur Lama, a differently able person, who is living temporarily in the temple adjoining the school since Saturday, said, “I lost my house to the quake and so living in this temple. If I could just receive a tent, I would be staying next to my fallen house.”

Another RSS staff Yadav Gotame, also a resident of the locality, shared that all the Gotame brothers have become homeless since the Saturday quake and are now sheltering in the nearby field using the corrugated rooftop of their respective houses.
Nine people died inside the five-storey building owned by Him Lal Dhital of Sitapaila, Mahadol. One of the victim was Dhital’s daugther.

(Madan Gautam)



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