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Why not just ban Tihar?

Tihar Celebration

Kathmandu, October 21 2014: Tihar, the second largest festival in the great country of Democratic Nepal. Let’s all just ban the festival rather than put restrictions on it.
Tihar is known as the festival of lights, fireworks, deusi bhailo, Laxmi, Gai (Cow), Kukur (Dog), Kaag (Crow), and many more. Well not quite right now. It’s just what we believe Tihar was supposed to be.
Lights have been banned from this year. Use Led lights and the Electricity Authority will just come and cut the power at your house. A notice from Nepal Electricity Authority warned all the citizens planning to use these lights. Just go back to the old diyo (clay-lamp) because we live in the early 19th Century not in 2014. And on another news, Led light sales has sky-rocketed this festive season.
Fireworks have been a no-no for a few years now, except for police, military, political leaders and ministers; any other home who uses fireworks will be penalized. We live in a country where accidents are possible. All the other countries in the world do not have accidents so fireworks are not banned over there. Every year, we see millions spent on fireworks during Fourth of July in the USA, again millions on Bijaya Dashami in India where they make firework Ravan, every other country during New Years and their national festival, but no not Nepal because only our country has accidents. Rest of the world aren’t accident prone and celebrating with fireworks is allowed there.
Deusi Bhailo is a culture during festivities of Tihar but no let’s just forget this culture because we don’t need culture and Deusi Bhailo affects other people who sleep at night. Anyone caught celebrating Deusi Bhailo after 9 PM will be penalized and why not? We all sleep after 9PM during festivities because they got work the next day, you aren’t allowed to continue your culture.
I just wonder how much we can gift our sisters during Bhai Tika, is there a limit? And how many Sel-Roti are allowed and till what time can we cook it? We are allowed to buy new utensils and jewelry or is there a spending limit? Let us know, we want to be law abiding citizen. Let us know everything before we start to break these sensible laws you have made.
You live in a democratic country and so you need to follow all the enforced rules by the representative you choose. Welcome to New Nepal everyone. Let’s just ban the old tradition of Tihar.

By: Sukrit Pant


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