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Kachahari Theatre Group performs Forum theatre in Morang

Morang, January 22, 2017: Kachahari Theatre Group, in association with Sweden-based Linnaeus University and Kathmandu Medical College, organised staging of the play Ramri Keti, across 10 VDCs in Morang on Friday.

The staging was part of Actors’ Studio’s—of which Kachahri Theatre Group is a part of—attempt to raise awareness in the district’s selected VDCs against issues such as the dowry system, gender discrimination, human trafficking, and gender-based violence.

These issues were addressed by the play Ramri Keti, engaging the locals in the interplay.

The play tells the story of an inter-caste marriage between a young couple who meet via Facebook. The play then follows the travails the married couple goes through after being neglected by their families and the society.

In doing so, the play borrowed its technique from the practice of Forum Theatre, which originated in Brazil in the 90’s, where the audience is asked to present a logical solution to the conundrums the play’s characters find themselves in. This unique form of theatre was first introduced in Nepal by Aarohan Theatre Group.

Directed by Anup Baral—one of the pioneers of Forum Theatre in Nepal—Ramri Keti features actors Deeya Maskey, Prem Barsha, Kamal Pyasi, Suraj Malla, Manish Niraula and Rajendra Shrestha in lead roles.

By Dev Narayan Sah