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Kakre Bihar temple being restored

Surkhet, March 16, 2016: The Department of Archaeology (DoA) has started restoring a 12th century temple at Kakre Bihar in Surkhet Valley.

Eight craftsmen from Bhaktapur have been commissioned to rebuild the temple in the area where the DoA, after 18 years of excavation, have unearthed several statues and other artefacts linked with Hindu and Buddhist religions.

Chandra Ranjitkar, the head craftsman, said they were trying to rebuild the temple in its original form with the materials that were discovered during the excavation.

“We are connecting the stones based on their shapes and sizes,” said Ranjitkar, who believes the temple was originally built by Indian artisans. “We do not find this kind of temple design in Nepal.”

Archaeologists have theorised that the temple was demolished sometime in the 16th century by the followers of Shankaracharya in a bid to stop the spread of Buddhism.

Purna Bahadur Shrestha of the DoA said they have sped up the works and they expect the project to complete by 2017. The government has earmarked Rs 81.8 million for the temple’s restoration.