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Kanishka Shakya: A Man With Sweet Struggles

Kanishka Shakya: A man with sweet struggles
Kanishka Shakya: A man with sweet struggles

“As a child I have seen my father’s pain, that is what made me continue his dream,” said Mr. Kanishka Shakya founder of Shikhar pre-school. There are many young people in the world who forget what their parents have done for them and live for themselves and pursue their own goals for life.

Mr. Kansishka Shakya however is an example of some of the few youngster who carry their parents dream together with their life and their ambitions. “My father had a school and it had to be forcefully closed due to threats during the time of civil war”, said Mr. Kanishka Shakya. He further added, “Though I was small at that time, the event had an impact in my life.”

Early life story

“My academic years have been an adventure, I studied in many different places from childhood.” said Mr. Kanishka Shakya. He studied in Nepal, Sikim and Pune during his academic years. “I will consider those time of life as very good ones”, He said.

The vision of his father had to be left behind due to circumstances in past. The school had been closed due to threats. His family had tried to establish two Schools with the same name two times in past. However, both the attempts were a failure and any further decision regarding development of school was a tough decision to be made.

Mr. Kanishka Shakya made a strong decision on such scenario. Despite there were failures in past and the call was tough, he started a pre-school and named it after the school that was shut down during the time of civil war. He iniated the journey of “Shikhar Pre-School”.

Challenges that he faced

“I think there are challenges forever in life, even now there are challenges in my life.” said Mr. Kanishka Shakya. He says that life is a sweet struggle and people should enjoy the challenges they are facing instead of being sad. He had faced many challenges during his early life. He said, “The most difficult challenge was to overcome the sadness of seeing his dad’s ambition being crushed by the people in civil war.”

Even when he was in Pune, India he had to face many challenges. He said, “We were broke sometimes and didn’t even have money to pay the rent.” However he says those challenges made his life even memorable. He stated, “The time in Pune was one of the most beautiful time I had in my life.”

About Shikhar Pre-School

Shikhar pre-school is an organic school. They focus on making the children learn from experience rather than books. They run classes up to 1 and now planning to expand the school up to 10 class. The school focuses on making the mind and body of the student healthy.

Shikhar pre-school let children play in mud, make them clean their school once a week and even help the student in planting vegetables by themselves in soil. Mr. Kanishka Shakya said, “The feel of the soil is very necessary for children, this help the children grow properly.”

“The age of 1-7 acts as the foundation for life time. So, if the children of that age are forced in academics without their willingness the future would not be that bright” said Mr. Kanishka Shakya. The focus of the school is to create a very healthy mind and body for children of that age so that they have a good foundation for future life.

The curriculum of Shikhar pre-school focuses on four prime areas. They focus on Social emotional development, language and literacy development, mathematics and reasoning development and creative development. The school teaches course material for up to 1:00 pm and after that they focus on various kind of creative learning.

Behind his Success

“I don’t consider myself successful yet, because as you achieve something you open the door for new achievements” said Mr. Kanishka Shakya.” He further added “However, the ideas and support I get is mostly from my wife.” His wife is supporting him and giving ideas to be implemented for the school and he looks at execution part.”

Message to the youth

“Life is always present with various kind of challenges and struggle, what we should do is accept those thing and enjoy it because it brings happiness too”, said Kanishka Shakya. He further added “The joy of facing such challenges is immense. Life is a sweet struggle.” He loves being challenged and expecting challenges for his entire life and growing more as he overcomes such challenges.

By: Romin Neupane