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Karkhana hosts ‘K-Sapce’ focusing on space explorations

Crowd gathers up for rocket launch


Kathmandu, November 19, 2016: It’s the sheer curiosity of people that has linked the humans, at present, to a 100 kilometers far sub-orbital space where the planet’s orbit ends. It’s called the ‘space’. Till date, it has been the most fascinating topic that drives human brain towards digging more on the facts and findings to explain the covert meanings of our mere existence.

Karkhana, an ‘education company and makerspace’ comprising of teachers, engineers, designers, artists, technologists and scientists recently completed a 10 day workshop. The organization had launched a space programme focused on satellites and space exploration earlier this year. K-Space, a Do It Yourself (DIY) gathering for space exploration was held as a part of the space programme by the organization.

The objective of K-Space is to create a DIY space explorations focused open curriculum covering a range of subjects across math, science, engineering, technology and creative arts that schools across South and South East Asia can implement. Twenty participants across South and South East Asia participated in the workshop sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise in Karkhana premises.

In the workshop, the participants were given a number of hackathon style challenges to create best solutions for space education. They also made some prototypes: water pressure rockets, full functioning weather antennas, DIY Yagi-Uda antenna and an Ardusat that can carry micro bio-organisms to the space. Supported by Danish Center for Culture and Development (CKU), the open and collaborative Science in development Network, and the Center for Social Development Studies, Chulalongkorn University as part of their projects which fund short workshops focused on science and open hardware, the workshop acted as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between creative professional and technologists.

Karkhana aims to design learning experiences turning classrooms into labs for discovery. For the year 2073, Karkhana Innovators Club is focusing on space and satellites. A total of three sessions: Visualizing Space, Talking to Satellites and Sensing Space shall be conducted for the children aged 10 to 14.

The pictures below show some glimpses from the event.







Antenna Making
Antenna Making



Team Rocket keeps studying and designing and prototyping
Team Rocket keeps studying and designing and prototyping
Sensing Space
Sensing Space
Satellite launching
Satellite launching

Photos Courtesy: Karkhana