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Karnali women demand constitution liberate from Chhaupadi system


Jumla, July 20, 2015: A dozen women that took part in the public hearing held to draw people’s feedback on the preliminary draft of the new constitution here on Monday demanded liberation of women from the Chhaupadi system.

The women, who arrived at the district headquarters Khalanga from Kudari VDC lying some 19 km away, put forth a series of demands among which they called for equality between women and men, equal payment, end to socio-cultural and caste-based discrimination.

Junkali Sarki of Kudari-2 said although they did not know how to write they had given the suggestions in a written form after asking someone else to write it for them. “There should be a full guarantee of Karnali women’s education and health in the constitution, only then the days of women will arrive.”

The representatives of the political parties and other sectors in the district demanded Karnali province with special rights. They said Karnali province should include all geographical regions.

The programme headed by CA member Lalitjung Shahi collected a total of 83 suggestions from individuals and institutions in the district on the first day of public hearing.

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