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Kathmandu DAO takes away FNCCI statute, minutes


KATHMANDU, November 1 2014: Kathmandu District Administration Office (DAO) on Friday collected a copy of minutes and the statute of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) from its secretariat at Teku after a complaint was registered at the DAO stating the apex private sector body was not functioning in line with the statute.

The DAO said it had to reach the FNCCI secretariat after the private sector body did not respond to the former’s letter seeking the documents. “We had asked the FNCCI to submit some of the documents based on a complaint filed by a FNCCI member. We were compelled to take the action after the FNCCI secretariat did not respond to what we ordered,” said Kathmandu CDO Bashanta Raj Gautam.

Gautam said the DAO is yet to receive all the required documents. “If the FNCCI does not oblige our orders, we will be forced to take further action as per the law,” Gautam said. The DAO, however, did not divulge who filed the complaint. According to a reliable source, FNCCI Executive Committee member Guna Nidhi Tiwari had filed the complaint.

The DAO had first sent a letter on September 2, 2014, asking the FNCCI whether it is following the statute.

A faction led by Senior Vice-president Pashupati Murarka, Vice-president Shekhar Golchha and immediate past president Suraj Vaidya, among others, have been demanding FNCCI President Pradeep Jung Pandey step down, stating he cannot hold the position as per the FNCCI statute.

Pandey was sent to three years in jail and slapped a fine of Rs 5,000 on corruption charges in June 1982, when was accountant at the then Water Supply Corporation. Clause 9 of article 44.1 and 46.3 of the FNCCI statute states a person having faced criminal charges cannot assume the president’s position.

However, the Pandey led faction is of the view the demand for his resignation has already been discussed at an FNCCI executive committee meeting, which the Murarka faction  boycotted. Pandey also claims the issue cannot be discussed as long as it is sub-judice in the Supreme Court, and an executive committee decision has proven him legitimate.

In a statement on Friday, FNCCI said it handed over copies of  the sought documents to a DAO official. “All the documents have been dispatched to the DAO maintaining all the formalities today. We provided the photocopies to a DAO official who had arrived at the secretariat. Besides, none other documents have been seized by the DAO,” read the statement.

“We did not receive the first letter sent by the DAO on September 18. We got to know about it after the DAO re-sent a letter seeking clarification over the previous letter. After that, we inquired about the first letter and received its copy from the DAO. Based on the same, we prepared the documents to be sent to the DAO, which the district administration took away from us,” said FNCCI Director General Hemanta Dawadi.

Pandey’s “unfulfilled” jail sentence on criminal charges three decades ago has been a subject of intense debate, with the rival faction claiming the FNCCI statute bars anybody charged with criminal offense from becoming president.

In response, Pandey has been saying the case is sub-judice and the “central committee meeting has already decided to not question the legitimacy of the president”.

According to Gautam, there is nothing to do with the sub-judicial case with the proceedings of the DAO. “We just want to see whether the institution is operating as per institution registration act,” he said.

Source: eKantipur


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