Kathmandu set to host ‘International Investment and Business Conference’ on February 11


    Kathmandu, January 30, 2017: An international conference is set to be organized in Kathmandu this February 11 to discuss why international companies don’t like to do business in Nepal.

    At the International Investment and Business Conference, aimed mainly at the private sector, discussions will be held on Nepal’s major problems for economic development.

    In general, global companies and investment communities don’t want to invest or do business in Nepal. Several Nepali and foreign business leaders who know the difficulties of Nepal are scheduled to speak at the conference.  New generation entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders who have hard times persuading international companies to operate in Nepal or investment communities to invest in Nepali companies are going to share their stories on the occasion.

    The conference aims to connect like-minded business leaders who are struggling to grow their companies because foreign companies don’t want to invest in their Nepal company and find solutions to make Nepal more attractive for foreign investments.

    Investment Banker Ash Shrivastav

    Ash Shrivastav, a United States based investment banker and entrepreneur who is launching a Nepal focused investment fund to make investments in companies based in Nepal will deliver the keynote speech at the conference. Other prominent speakers for the event include Magsaysay Award Winner Mahabir Pun, Tim Gocher, the founder of Dolma Fund, Amrit Tuladhar, CEO of Muncha, Ram Krishna Pokhrel of Citizens Investment Trust of Nepal.

    Several private equities, venture capital, asset management and international companies are expected to attend the conference. Foreigner participants in the conference would mostly comprise of global Nepali and international business leaders who are doing business in Nepal.

    The conference aims to connect experienced business leaders who have been operating businesses in Nepal and have extensive knowledge of Nepal market, opportunities and the challenges with the guest companies. Many Embassies in Kathmandu will also be presenting their views on Nepal business, especially from the macro-economic side.

    Nepali Ambassador to India Mr. Deep Kumar Upadhyaya shared that the participants at the conference will be able to explore the potential Nepal business opportunities, get familiar with the treaties and meet people who are either doing business in Nepal or considering entering in Nepal market.