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Kathmandu Streets At CMK


Kathmandu, 29 October,2014: Three cartons are placed atop each other. The front façade of the stack has a stencilled portrait of American jazz musician Miles Davis. It is one among the 30 art works by Aditya Aryal, alias Sadhu X, currently on display at the City Museum Kathmandu (CMK), Durbarmarg. The exhibition is titled “Underrated Urban Myth”.

Using stencils to block out paint in certain parts, so as to create the desired shape, is an art technique popularised by the worldwide street art movement. This technique, which was practiced even before the Renaissance, is a quick way to execute an artwork, hence treasured by street artists.

Aryal’s stencilled works could easily recreate, for a viewer, the experience of walking around Kathmandu city.

His images are ones that the Kathmandu denizens come across every day. He has made use of cardboard boxes, wood pieces, skateboards, lokta and canvas to create very familiar portraits of Mahakabi Devkota, Narayan Gopal, late king Birendra and a sadhu smoking hashish, among others.

These images—usually seen in the most usual places aroundKathmandu —come alive in the whitewashed walls of the gallery. Although these aren’t the works that take you by surprise, they nevertheless manage to make you ‘look at’ all that you have dismissed or overlooked. Aryal makes his characters more interesting through his choice of colours, which are contrasting, bright and vivid.

“I wanted to make art more affordable to execute by using easily available mediums. By making things simpler, using the stencil technique, I want to make my works more appealing to the younger population,” said Aryal.

Primarily a street artist, he explained how it was easier for him to prepare for a gallery show, as he got to spend more time working in his studio, as opposed to working in the streets. “It helps me attain more toned results,” he added.

The artist’s association with The City Museum, Kathmandu , is not new. They had previously worked together for a fundraising concert and live-art event “Khumbila”, and the “Oho! My Word” exhibition—both organised at the museum.

Aryal also worked on a commissioned mural for the facility last month.

“The exhibition is a part of CMK’s commitment to promote young contemporary artists and street art,” said Kashish Das Shrestha, the owner of the museum.

The exhibition is on till November 5.



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