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Kathmandu Students All Set To Join Their Own Local School


May 6, 2015: The children who had been studying in the Kathmandu valley has now begun returning their own home to join the village schools after the destructive earthquake of April 25.

Menuka Budha, 14, a student at Koteshwor Saraswati Secondary School of Kathmandu, who had been studying in the capital city for two years has returned home and got admitted at Malika Higher Secondary School of Budha Bajura.
she said that it was frightening moment during earthquake. she added earthquake bounced the rented room while they were about to take meal. They had to left the room immediately without taking the meal, and stayed in the open spaces for long and also said that she wont be at Kathmandu again.

Likewise, Sunil Singh from Bahrabis-5 of the district is also all set to join the local school and has decided not to return the capital city. His father Bir Bahadur Singh thanking god said his son survived the disaster and no worry for the loss of money in Kathmandu since he is safe now.

Similarly, people who have been in Kathmandu for for higher study and job are returning home.

“I felt myself safe and secure only after I crossed the Karnali River”, said Khadka Rokaya from Dahakot. He further added that he spent four nights under the open sky, and nearly lost his consciousness and said that he is confident with his life when he arrived home.

Many of them have the similar stories of returning back home. Kamal Bhandari from Mangalsen of Achham district, after arriving his home said that the house he used to stay in rent collapsed from the very bottom and turned into garbage within few seconds.

When they saw the helicopters flying in the Kathmandu sky, fear took them more of further risk said the returnees.

As the inflow of people from Kathmandu has swollen here, it has been very difficult to manage bus service to those going to the hilly districts from Attariya of Dhangadhi, said the far-western bus entrepreneurs committee of Dhangadhi.


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