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Kathmandu to adopt intelligent traffic system

Kathmandu, May 24, 2016: Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Project (KSUTP), a unit under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, is planning to introduce Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) to manage Kathmandu’s traffic.

ITS provides innovative services relating to different modes of transport where advanced communication technologies are used to minimise traffic congestion. It has been adopted in many developed countries.

The KSUTP has identified 26 major junctions at 37 points where it is planning to install the system.

The KSUPT officials said they are in the process of inviting an international tender for the system installation. Asian Development Bank has pledged to fund the undertaking estimated to cost Rs 500 million.

Superintendent of Police Lokendra Malla, also the spokesperson of Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Department, said the ITS would help curb different kinds of traffic related problems, including over-speeding and lane violation. He added that the 37 traffic points would be connected, so that they could be monitored from a control room.

Khadka Lal Shrestha, the KSUPT project manager, said for a better traffic flow, two grade separation interaction bridges are being constructed at Teku and Dallu.   The grade separation is a method of aligning a junction of two or more surface transport axes to prevent disruption of traffic flow on other transit routes when they cross each other.

Urban development experts have said before the ITS is adopted, Kathmandu should make a drastic improvement in its road system. They said the existing road network in Kathmandu Valley cannot accommodate all the vehicles.

According to a traffic report, the length of roads in Kathmandu stands at 4.8 million feet while the vehicles if lined together could extend up to 7.2 million feet.