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Katrina is the hottest phuljhadi this Diwali


22 October,2014: Bollywood seems to be reigning supreme in the packaging of Diwali firecrackers this year as well. As the festive fervour grips the city, we take a tour of some of the top firecracker markets to find out who is the hottest phuljhadi this festive season. While last year it was Sonakshi Sinha who ruled the cracker packets, Katrina and Deepika seem to be having a tie this time for the title of the city’s hottest phuljhadi.

Anand Bharati, a Wanowrie-based cracker mart owner, said, “Katrina Kaif has been featured on several firecracker packets this time. Crackers like seven shots, 120 shots and other fancy ones also have Katrina and her rumoured beau Ranbir Kapoor on them. Pictures of Deepika Padukone too have been used on many phuljhadi and ladd packets, making her the second most popular actress to be featured on Diwali firecrackers.”

While some people buy their firecrackers based on the quality of the goods, there are others who just splurge seeing their favourite actor or idol gracing its packet. “To tap this market, we have also kept crackers with sportsmen on their packaging. Mostly cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar make it to the cracker packet covers. But we also have international sportsmen and recent world champions from various sporting fields,” said Kumaran, a South India based cracker manufacturer.

Surprisingly no actors or actresses from the younger brigade has made the cut this time. Kumaran’s reasoning for it was, “Firecrackers are burst by all age groups and celebs that have a longer recall value are preferred more as compared to the newcomers. For example, a Salman Khan will appeal more to the firecracker buyers as compared to any other Bollywood newbie.”

Among the male actors Ranbir Kapoor has retained his popularity. Other B-Town heavy weights who are a favourite this season include Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan. “Ranbir Kapoor is very popular among youngsters as both Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan’s movies have a Diwali season release, firecracker manufacturers have tried to encash on their popularity too,” said Dilip Deokar, owner of a cracker store near Mhatre Bridge. Interestingly, this year firecracker packaging with Hollywood film themes have also made it big. Superheroes and animation characters like Hulk, Shrek and the Scooby Doo team have made it to the covers of attractive firecracker boxes along with cartoon characters for the cracker crazy kids of the city. “Kids specially are fond of cartoon characters and we know for sure that the firecrackers with cartoon characters on their packaging will get sold out by the first day of Diwali,” said Rohan Nule from a firecracker stall at Golibar Maidan.

Source:The Times Of India


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