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Katy Perry on the highest-paid musicians list


09 December, 2015:  The “firework” singer, Katy Perry has been placed at the top of Forbes’ 2015 list of highest-paid musicians, besting formidable competition such as One Direction and Taylor Swift.

According to Forbes, Perry raked in $135 million over the past 12 months, taking in more than $2 million per city on her Prismatic World Tour this year.

One Direction has taken the second place, who collectively raked in $130 million over the past year.

The third place on the list with $90 million is Garth Brooks, who came out of semi-retirement this year to undertake a lucrative concert tour

Taylor Swift, the 1989 singer landed fourth on the list, setting $80 million for the year.

Classic rockers The Eagles took fifth place on the list, pulling in $73.5 million thanks largely to their History of the Eagles tour. DJ Calvin Harris took sixth place with a $66 million haul for the year.

The top 10 highest-paid musicians is listed below:

1. Katy Perry , $135 million
2. One Direction, $130 million
3. Garth Brooks, $90 million
4. Taylor Swift , $80 million
5. The Eagles, $73.5 million
6. Calvin Harris, $66 million
7. Justin Timberlake, $63.5 million
8. Diddy, $60 million
9. Fleetwood Mac, $59.5 million
10. Lady Gaga, $59 million


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