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Kaurav wins The Liberty Debates Championship Mahasangram 2016


Kathmandu, May 01, 2016: Team Kaurav became victorious in the The Liberty Debates Championship Mahasangram 2016 – the second iteration of the competition jointly organized by Samriddhi Foundation and Debate Network Nepal.

Saurav Bhatta and Kapil Adhikari from the team Kaurav were declared the winners in the championship, a month long debate league held every year to recognize the need to involve the youths in relevant discussions on political and economic issues pertaining in Nepal. Team Aerodite was successful to bag the first runner-up prize while Rijan KC from Nepali category was announced as the best debater in the league.

Grand Finale in English language took on the motion – ‘The house condemns the breach of property rights during the recent road expansion project in Kathmandu,’ while the same in Nepali language was held on the motion- ‘This house believes that a public referendum should have been held before declaring Nepal a Federal Republic.’

Among the 22 applicant teams for English and 12 for Nepali series, only 4 teams in each categories were able to reach the final round of competition. An eleven-member jury team comprising of Pradeep Ghimire, Dixit Awasthi, Raj Kharel among others judged the debaters and debating teams on the basis of the fundamental impact of their debates and properly fulfilling the role as per the rule of the debate.

The debates started with Prime Minister in the house bringing a resolution to initiate the debate. There were rounds of vigorous debates and rebuttals between the governing and opposition teams. In Nepali category, they put forward their views on whether if it was necessary to call for referendum before having the provision of federalism in governance. Audiences could entertain themselves with strong and scissor-sharp points on the breaching of property rights during the recent road expansion project in Kathmandu. The debaters amazed the audience with their show-stopper performances in the debate that happened in National British Parliamentary Debate League Style.

Bidhyanath Koirala, a professor from Tribhuwan University (TU) speaking as a special guest in the programme put forward his thought that such debates are very necessary to create a healthy society and help to make an informed decision that rightly functions in the environment. The programme also saw motivational and inspirational speeches by Mr. Sakar Pudasaini- founder at Karkhana and Mr. Sushil Budhathoki from Himalayan Whitehouse College.

Giving concluding remarks about the programme, Pradeep Ghimire, chair at Debate Network Nepal shared that he felt the need for such competitions to be organized in Nepal too after he got to go to Thailand in the year 2012 to participate in a similar tournament. “I have envisioned to see debate clubs established in every schools and colleges in the nation and see the youths taking forward whatever they learn through such debate competitions to develop Nepal and become a rational citizen,” said Ghimire.


By Basanta Kumar Dhakal