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Kavre Districts Mobilized By Engineers


May 9, 2015: In order to assess the physical damages caused by the April 25 earthquake engineers and other government officials have been mobilized in different villages of 41 VDCs in Kavre district.

Similarly, to support the ongoing relief distribution and collect the details of the damage caused by the earthquake five-member team under the leadership of a section officer has been deployed in the villages, said Chief District Officer of Kavre Sudarshan Dhakal.

He added that the team would continue their job for a month to collect the details of damages at Panchkhal, Anekot, Gairibisauna, Deupur, Devitar, Rabiopi, Dhungkharka, Koshidekha, Birtadeurali, Gothpani, Chyamrengbensi and other VDCs andlike wise todistribute the relief materials to the victims.

As per the source, the report of the physical damages would be collected by total of 25 engineers from the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport and the district-based sub-engineers and overseers.

In all 76 VDCs in the district the teams of technicians would be sent but adding that there were some difficulties due to lack of sufficient human resources, said CDO Dhakal.

The devastative earthquake have completely damaged 48,000 houses have been while 20,000 houses have got partial damage in the district and 120,000 persons have been displaced.


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