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Kavrepalanchok wildfire destroys over 980 hectares of forest


Banepa, April 25, 2016: Wildfires in different communities and national forests destroyed over 980 hectares of forests in Kavrepalanchok district.

The District Forest Office, Kavrepalanchok said that forest fire destroyed 56 hectares of forest land at Janagal area, 60 hectares at Khopasi area, 160 hectares at Katunjebesi area, 45 hectares at Mahadevsthan, 70.25 hectares at Chaubas area and 250 hectares at Mahabharat area.

Forestry officer at the Office Prem Khanal said that the wildfire has caused damage to the biodiversity, and added that it will eventually affect soil fertility as well. “The forest fire has wrecked the habitat of insects, birds and animals,” he said.

Khanal said that most forest fires ignite due to the negligence of people who set fire to harvest wild honey, by poachers to capture the wild animals and by herders who wrongly believe that more fresh grass and vegetation grow from burnt land.

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