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Keen Desire to see the match against Namibia: A Young Fan of Nepali Cricket


Kathmandu, April 16, 2016: Twelve year old Prashant Neupane is a huge fan of Nepali Cricket Team. Everyone would get amazed seeing his interest towards Nepali cricket.

He lives in a rural village in a southern part of Parbat district where there is not even a space appropriate to play the sport. Even then he quenches his thirst of playing cricket by hitting a plastic ball by with a wooden bat.

We need to go through his notebooks to know to what extent he loves Nepali Cricketers. He has pasted the photo cuttings of all the players from Nepali cricket team in his copies.

It doesn’t end here. He writes everything he gets to know about them.

He keeps all the information about the activities of the cricketers. He even knows Paras Khadka, the captain of Nepali cricket team, being admitted in Norvic Hospital for an intestinal problem and later his referral to Delhi for the same.

But, the economic condition of Prashant is very miserable. He lacks both of his limbs which he lost because of Polio. Even his mom lacks palm in her hand.

He shares his dream of becoming a successful cricketer in the future if received help. He has keen interest to watch the cricket match between Nepal and Namibia to be held on 16th and 18th of April.

His parents want to fulfill the dream of their child to see the match but don’t have any money to send him to Kathmandu.

Source: OnlineKhabar