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“Kerala” declared First Digital State of India


India, August 20, 2015: On the occasion of 15 August, the state of Kerala was declared as the complete digital state by its CM Oomen Chandy on the celebration of Independence Day eve.

He also mentioned that it is the only state and the first one to achieve this kind of excellence that sets Kerala apart from other states in highest development.

He addressed all the progress made by Kerala on different fields including 100% mobile connectivity, 75% e-literacy, maximum digital banking, up to panchayat level broadband connectivity established for E- District plans in all districts and linking bank account with Aadhar cards. He takes the responsibility for providing Wi-Fi hotspots in all local bodies; total mobile governance. He added that his government will also take initiation to launch the second phase of digital literacy.

Furthermore, announcement includes free of cost houses for those who owns plot. Around 1 lakh houses will be made. He also add up that to remove corruption completely “Vigilant Kerala Scheme” is launched and this can only be done with the help and support and participation of people so that schemes can work out well.

By :Avantika Balodi

(News source: yahoo.in)


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