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Khadga Bahadur Magar: From a naive Patient to an Entrepreneur


Khadga Bahadur Magar is a hero in real life. He is a hero because he is showcasing the real spirit of what it takes to become a hero. With a story no less than an inspiring movie, Magar will take you into a ride of distressing to the influential ending. Presenting the story of Khadga Bahadur Magar; the real-life hero who is fighting against one of the most dreadful diseases- cancer and by fighting, he means a real fight.

It’s been six months Khadga Bahadur Magar’s throat cancer has come to light after years of taking medications. The story behind getting to know about this disease and the fight with it is even more intriguing.

Khadga Bahadur Magar

Since the age of fifteen, his throat pain was impeding his normal health conditions. An extreme pain in the throat was always an obstruction for him to work properly. Consuming the medicines prescribed by the doctors led him a bit of relief on the ongoing problem of throat pain but steadily the pain would intensify. In order to alleviate this cycle of distress, he chose ayurvedic methods to cure his throat pain. Like the other medicines, this method didn’t prove to allay his intensifying throat pain. What he never knew this intense pain in the throat since his teenage days was a call from cancer. His doctors from Biratnagar informed him that it was throat cancer and he had to immediately visit Kathmandu for medication. The ride along Kathmandu was even more distressing when he was informed about an operation he had to undertake.

During his stay at Kathmandu, Magar got to know about Navajeevan Farmhouse in Gyaneshwor. He got acquainted to the cancer patients like him recovering steadily through the consumption of ‘Jamara’. Choosing to stay at the place for more than a month in order to learn the methods of producing Jamaras by himself and understanding the accurate methods of producing organic Jamaras have proved to become one of the most fruitful steps in his life. These techniques have helped him to produce these organic Jamaras at this own home as well as providing them to cancer patients.

Jamara Juice

It’s not been a long time he’s been starting up his own ‘Jamara Juice’ business in Gaighat’s Bokse Karam Gachhi Chwok.

“I am progressing on my venture since this December. After many people got to know about my venture, cancer victims like me have also been asking me to make juices for them. People of my hometown praise and support my work. The demand of my Jamaras has hiked on a daily basis. I have had an order for Jamara juice for more than eighty people as soon as I started selling the juice.” Magar mentioned with full enthusiasm.

He utilizes his social media sites to promote and aware the conducive use of Jamaras for cancer patients.

While most of the world loses hope after getting infested by cancer, Khadga Bahadur Magar has stood out from the crowd. He has not stopped to believe in his willpower and most importantly himself.

“We should never lose hope. I see so many people losing their hopes as soon as the doctor tells them they are suffering from cancer. I just want to tell them that it’s never the end.”

He says he will continue to drink the Jamara juice and will advocate its use among people like him. It seems Khadga Bahadur Magar is on a very busy race and the race he is running on currently is declaring him the winner against his adversary cancer.

What a way to celebrate life! What a way to fight! Kudos to Khadga Bahadur Magar.

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Photo Source: Roila Jitendra

Presented By: Kabita Sen