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Kids and Teens International Leadership Workshop


Kathmandu, April 7, 2015:  The Art of Living Nepal and YES! Club World Nepal organised Kids and Teens International Leadership Workshop in DAV school Jawalakhel. Almost 100 teenagers and kids participated for the Art Excel and YES(Youth Empowerment Seminar)! Program that are designed and executed by the International Art Of Living (AOL) teachers.

The program is a 6 day event , with 3 hrs everyday that has been enhanced to a 11 day program with YES! 2 happening first time in Nepal.

11132365_10205459020587815_1401595547_oThe organizer , Mr. Gaurav kandel , who has been involving as the initiator of YES!Club World Nepal took some time to express his views regarding the concept and the execution of the program. He says, “Adolescents are more sensitive and reactive . They go through a lot of complex emotional makeup and physical changes and yet there are less of activities to support them to become stable. Hence YES! Is not just an initiative to promote the creative talents of the kids and teenagers it has proved to be the only platform where these dynamic kids are given an opportunity to initiate their projects and ideas.”

The program has been very beneficial to enhance creativity, confidence, clarity of mind, concentration among the kids and teens. The teens also have been positively motivated and broad minded.

Miral Nanavati, International AOL teacher who have been teaching for more than 18 years and have conducted more than 200 events which have benefited more than 50,000 kids and adults all over. According to Miral, “the childs today have been facing major issues with negative emotions. They are easily frustrated and develop the emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy. They can rarely accept others opinion  and failures. These problems have led to a very conflicting development of the child which can be rectified by making them more aware and conscious which is taught by various games, Yoga, medication and the amazing Breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya to learn acceptance, tolerance and also patience.”

In interaction with the participants, Miss Shivatmika Pradhan aged 13 form teku shared how she felt more healthy and positive after the course. Another participant Yalamber Rai aged 15 from tilganga expressed how this course has helped him become more responsible, inspired , calm and positive in life.

Urbi suwal aged 15 from Sanepa expressed that this course made her believe in her qualities and made her realize who actually she was.

YES ! has been conducted by the club and has been promoting the spirit of dynamism and leadership. Many schools and institutions have tied up voluntarily for conducting the program. In near future the club is expanding it’s project to various other cities in Nepal.

By: Rusha Giri


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