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King’s College Accredited with Westcliff University, USA


Kathmandu, 10 September,2015: King’s College has recently entered a partnership that has the potential of becoming the next major milestone in the Nepali Education Sector. The college has officially switched their affiliation to Westcliff University in the United States. A fully accredited university incorporated in the state of California, Westcliff has agreed to enroll Nepali Students into their prestigious MBA and BBA programs at a fraction of the cost of their degree in their stateside campuses. This fact alone should prompt many Nepali students mulling higher education abroad to stay back in the country.

With prices comparable to those charged by domestic universities, King’s efforts have made a truly international program affordable for the average Nepali student. Rigorously designed to be highly practical, the courses run under the Westcliff programs are simultaneously conducted by a lead faculty based in the United States and a local faculty at King’s College. Such a system of dual faculties will clearly enable the students to think globally without losing touch with the ground realties at home.

Westcliff’s accreditation will also ensure that their curriculum is always up-to-date, the grading is fair, the programs are completed on time and that both the university and King’s College comply with the quality standards set by the accrediting body. In addition, an accredited American degree will also improve the students’ prospects for foreign employment, international exchanges and higher education.

The availability of accredited academic programs at affordable prices may also attract many international students from around the region to Nepal. King’s is admittedly excited by this possibility and believes that a multinational education environment will truly complete the experience of international quality education at King’s. A press statement released by the college concluded that the affiliation switch is only the first step in realizing King’s vision of delivering a high quality education to students in the region.


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