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King’s College to Host “King’s Utsav -2015”


Kathmandu, Jan 6, 2015:  The official press meet of King’s Utsav was successfully held at King’s College. The meet was attended by various media associates, King’s College faculty and the students. The main purpose of the event was to brief the media and the attendees about the events and the aim of King’s Utsav. The honored guests were Mr. Dikesh Malhotra, the President of IMS Samsung Smart phones Nepal. Mr. Narottam Aryal, The Executive Director of King’s College. Dr. Som Prasad Pudasaini, The Chairman of King’s College and Mr. Mandil Basnet the President of King’s Student Club.

As said by Mr. Narottam Aryal, The Executive Director of King’s College , this event’s main goal is to bring emerging leaders to a single platform where they can showcase their talents as well as to witness the talents of others to boost up their motivation level.

Dr. Som Prasad Pudasaini, the Chairman of King’s College stated that Nepali Universities must come together to enhance the education standard of Nepal as colleges must have a feeling of friendship and competition side by side. Also stated by Dr. Som Prasad Pudasaini, A thousand mile journey starts off with a single step and King’s College has started with the first step wholeheartedly.

Mr. Dikesh Malholtra, the President of IMS Samsung Smart Phones Nepal, reflected on the education he got during his higher studies and was happy to know that events like Kings Utsav will not only boost the college’s reputation but also the leadership qualities of students.

Furthermore, the information given by Mr. Mandil Basnet, the President of King’s reflected on the importance of this event as it focuses on the overall talents of the students in the aspect of education, creation, and entertainment.

The press meet ended with an open floor discussion where questions were raised by the media as well as the students and an informal networking between the attendees.


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