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Kosiharaicha: A town in Morang that says ‘NO’ to protests

Morang, Febraury 25, 2017: Banda, strikes, protests, chakka jam? “No. That’s not a solution,” say locals of Kosiharaicha in Morang district.

They say they have worked hard to make this small town, 29 kilometres northeast of Biratnagar, a “strike and protest free area”.

Kosiharaicha in fact has emerged as a “model town” at a time when protests and strikes are enforced at the drop of a hat in many parts of the country.

Ask how they have been able to stay away from protests and strikes and pat comes the answer: “Political parties, civil society and various organisations here have agreed not to stage protests or demonstrations under any pretext.”

And this “strike and protest free” town has become a centre of attraction of late. People from various Hill and Tarai districts are choosing this town to set up business and pursue studies. Some have permanently moved here.

Forty-seven-year-old Mina Luitel, a permanent resident of Inaruwa in Sunsari, said she relocated her business from Inaruwa to Kosiharaicha after she came to know that this town is free from protests and strikes.

“I operate a hotel here; business is good,” she quipped.

“There is unity among people here,” said Khil Bahadur Shrestha, an entrepreneur. “People are concerned more about development works than staging protests.”
Locals say they will not allow political parties or other organisations to stage demonstrations or support their programmes in the city.

Ramesh Khadka, adviser to the Kosiharaicha Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the town is making strides on all fronts only due to collective efforts made by the locals here.

The town which used to have only one community school earlier now boasts of several private schools and colleges.

According to Kosiharaicha Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are 35 hotels, 10 industries, 60 shops, three departmental stores and other various cottage industries operating here.

According to the data from the district office of the Bureau Of Statistics, Kosiharaicha, which is spread over 64.2 square kilometers, has a population of 75,000. The population was 10,592 around 27 years ago.

Majority of Bhramin, Chhetri, Rai, and Limbu people live here.

Shashi Kumar Rai, executive officer of the Kosiharaicha Municipality, said more and more people are migrating to Kosiharaicha due to facilities like roads, drinking water, electricity, communication, trade and easy transportation.

By Jitendra Sah