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Kshitiz Learning Fair 2076


Five secondary schools of Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality have collaborated to organize a learning fair titled “Kshitiz Learning Fair 2076” at the premises of Shree Bhotenamlang Secondary School, Bhotenamlang -7 on 25th of Poush 2076. The event has been initiated by thirteen of the Teach for Nepal fellows serving in Shree Bhotenamlang Secondary School (Bhotenamlang), Shree Satkanya-Mati Secondary School (Gunsa), Shree Raithane Secondary School (Raithane), Shree Chilaune Secondary School (Manekharka), and Shree Bhotang Devi Secondary School (Bhotang). The main rationale of this learning fair is to develop the educational, leadership and professional development of students and instigate learning opportunities for students, teachers, and educators as a whole.

The first learning fair was hosted by Shree Raithane Secondary School, Raithane on 15th Mangsir, 2074 witnessing the participation of a total of 1470 visitors and the second fair was hosted by Shree Bhotang Devi Secondary School, Bhotang on 27th Poush, 2075 with more than 1500 visitors. The report of the first event stated-“The event was successful with some minor glitches.” The second event had much more impact upon the students and the stakeholders. This year, the event shall include the participation of all schools inside the Rural Municipality and guest schools from outside the Rural Municipality with even more prospective visitors than the previous years.

Kshitiz Learning Fair intends to broaden the students’ horizons for learning and ultimately their life. Besides different learning, the fair will foster collaboration between government schools for an effective plan and will bring the local body hand in hand with the educational sector for the overall development of the area. This event attempts to set an example for the community that sustainability is possible if there is a plan, collaboration, learning and persistence to work through. The following are the main objectives of the fair:

  • To provide counseling for higher education to prospective SEE graduates for their higher studies.
  • To empower existing teachers and get them involved in the student learning process.
  • To facilitate the empowerment of one host school every year.
  • To improve co-operation and co-ordination among schools in this region.
  • To involve local administrative bodies in the process of improvement of educational standards in this region.

Your participation and support will be highly anticipated. Please feel free to contact members of the media committee about your participation or for any further information regarding the event. Media coordinators: Ms. Sama Dongol (9813384380), Mr. Rajendra Kumar Deshar (9810071180) and Mr. Sunil Shrestha (9867676272)

Event Date: 2076/09/25 (10th January 2019)

Event Time:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm