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KUSOM Launches ‘Vantage’ Business Magazine


Kathmandu, December 13, 2016: KUSOM recently launched the 10th edition of Vantage, a business magazine of the school. The launch event also comprised of a brief session by the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Chinta Mani Siwakoti.

Vantage, a publication of KUSOM Publication Club was started in 2009 as a newsletter and has been continuously upgraded from a simple newsletter to a magazine and now to a condensed version of research papers from the students.

The special occasion was graced by the presence of Dean of the School, Prof. Subas KC and faculties along with presence of 76 students from the college. After the formal launch of the magazine, the guest for the ceremony had a brief session in which participants got a thorough insight of the country’s stance on the banking environment and where it is heading.

The session, conducted in a pure Nepali Language was a novelty for the school, however this very fact helped get a real essence of the situation. On the session, Siwakoti touched upon important issues such as liquidity condition, power of remittance, merger and acquisition, brain drain issues linking it to the money laundering issue which is rampant in the country. The hot topic of de-monetization and how our neighboring country has affected our economy was also shared on the occasion, and revealed the central bank’s angst with the neighboring country’s indifference and lack of support lent to us in spite of the interconnected monetary system of the two countries.


One of the special highlights of the session was the talk about corruption and how cunningly people commit such activities where even investing in shares could be one gateway for the money laundering activity. Siwakoti concluded the speech with the talk of financial literacy wherein importance was given to the awareness of even simple facts such as keeping the notes clean and exchanging it if it is found worn out.

Reflecting the session, some finance wiz in the audience shared that it was an interesting brief on the banking situation. Some also took it as a class on the banking environment of Nepal.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by the dean at KUSOM, Prof. KC along with expressions of gratitude by the coordinator of KUSOM Publication Club, Sadiksha Thapa.