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Lalitpur declared as the 35th artistic area of the world


Kathmandu: The World Arts Council has declared Lalitpur Municipality as the 35th art city in the world.


Ghada Hijabi Kadami, President of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Arts Council, issued a certificate of ‘Non-Performing’ arts to Mr. Chirobabu Maharjan, the Chief of the municipality.


The council is declaring the city as a city with original and traditional art in the world without making art. The Council is an organization established to promote the involvement of the arts scattered around the world. The Council, which has a central office in the United Kingdom has been making announcements to the cities by studying at different stages. 


Earlier, eight countries of the world were declared non-performing arts. In Nepal, Lalitpur Municipal Corporation is the first city.


There are four stupas that are reflected in the Satyayug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, and Kaliyug, created by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka in the third century. Similarly, in the fifth century, the HiranyavarnaMahavihara built a heritage of archeological importance.


It has a history of restoration by Bhaskar Deo in the 8thcentury. Since the beginning of the Jatra tradition of Red Machhendranath, Narendradeva has continued. The Patan Durbar was built in the 3rd and 6th centuries in the time of Siddhinar Singh Mall, Srinivas Mall, and Yoganendra Mall. 


Pimbahal Lake is located in Lalitpur-4, is an achievement of the 8thcentury. The lake is believed to have been built by a demon, not by Rajarajota. The local Sundhara and Krishna temples are another important heritage site built with ancient art and skill. Khadgajatra, which has been in operation for three hundred years, has been reopened in October this year, after being stopped for three years.


According to the council, the metropolis had applied some time ago in the city. The officials of the council have visited various places of the municipality and studied about its originality, 

The technician had studied the various phases of the study here to see if it was appropriate or not. The process has proceeded only after reporting that they are suitable.


Maharjan said-“Four percent of the population is involved in handicrafts in the municipality.”


According to the Metropolis, the palace area of ​​Lalitpur is now listed on the World Heritage List.


Deputy Chief of arts, Geeta Satyal, will be involved in the development of art through other programs in the coming days. She said- “In the coming days, this announcement will help to promote the production here at home and abroad.”


The municipality plans to do various works to maintain it after declaration without art. The metropolis has set up branches for the development of art. From there it is ready to mark the products with symbols. Content produced here will be recognized as a quality product. The metropolis has also increased cooperation with the world’s stakeholders to promote local handicrafts in the international market.


Asia Pacific president of the council, Kadami said that the city was declared without art because of the originality found in the handicrafts. The art here is unique. “Today’s announcement will support for this further development and expansion”– he said.


In many places of the metropolis, there are main areas of different types of handicrafts. Locals have been searching for books on sculpture, sculpture, and other arts. Different handicrafts are found in Lalitpur. Lalitpur residents have been saving handicrafts without any change in the originality.


Lalitpur residents have long been demanding the government to declare the district a “handicraft district”