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Sankhuwasabha, Aug. 4: A person died and all members of three families are missing in a landslide occurred at Syabun-3 of Sankhuwasabha last night.

The decease has been identified as eight-year-old Prajjwal Koirala while his grandfather Indra Bahadur Koirala, father Purna Koirala, mother Samjhana Koirala and brother Roshan Koirala have gone missing in the landslide.

Likewise, Meharman Koirala and his wife Kumari Koirala are also missing in the disaster. Among other disappearing are Kritiman Koirala, Devimaya Koirala and Tulasa Koriala of another family.

At least 14 families have been displaced due to recent landslide in the district. Four out of the displaced families are at high risk, said District Police Chief DSP Kamal Thapa.

A joint group of police, armed police, army and local people have already engaged rescue efforts in the landslide-hit area.

Lawmaker duo, Taraman Gurung and Deepak Khadka are taking their initiative to make necessary arrangement of relief to the landslide victims from the government, it is learnt.




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