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Landslides Cause Villagers’ Displacement


Gaighat, Oct 21,2014 : The locals of Kharbote in Aaptar VDC-3, Udayapur district, are on the verge of displacement from their place of origin due to landslides and soil erosions.

Local Bishnu Kumar Rai said they feared the displacement due to landslides after the inundation in the area by Pokharikhola (river) every year.

Chairman of local Progressive Community Organization Balram Rai said over 20 ropani of paddy farm has been washed away by the landslide and the trend of soil-erosion is on the rise every year, causing more threat to the locals.

Balaram said nearly 50 households of Kharbote area are at risk of landslide and soil erosion.

The locals complained that the authorities have not paid any heed to their repeated pleas for their security.

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