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Langtang tourism rebounds gradually

Rasuwa, April 20, 2016: Tourists are gradually heading back to the Langtang region, which was completely devastated by last year’s earthquake.

The entire Valley was swept away by an avalanche triggered by the April 25, 2015 quake.

Locals are working extra shifts to get the tourism business back on track. Pasang Tamang, 47, of Langtang-5, has recently opened a hotel. “I am still traumatised by the disaster but this is the only profession I can do,” said Tamang.

“I am opening a few more.” Currently, around 10 tourists including domestic ones, visit Langtang on a daily basis. Before the earthquake, the region used to witness around 15,000 tourist annually.

A consumer forum of the region, with support from the district development committee, has built a trekking trail in the region.  The track is along the Langtang river. Residents are elated over the opening of the track a couple of weeks ago.

Many hotels have come into operation in Langtang, Sindhum and Kyanjin, according to Tamang. Around 35 hotels are in operation in Kyanjin alone. Local and hoteliers are using mules to transport food and construction materials.

Around 100 mules are in use. Previously, they had to charter a chopper for the purpose, paying around $1800 per flight. “The charter rate has increased significantly compared to before the earthquake,” said Tamang.