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Launching Employment Program in Karnali Province


Karnali: The Chief Minister Employment Program aims to employ the unemployment people of Karnali Province. The program aims to improve the living standards of the poor and the unemployed and contribute to poverty reduction.

The government has allocated Rs 900 million for the programme in the running fiscal year. According to government officials, Rs 630 million will be spent on wages for the laborers while conducting various development activities. The government plans to create 12,60,000 days of employment and pay Rs 500 per individual daily.

Ms.Laxmi Kumari Basnet, Head of the Shashakiya Sudhar Mahasakha of the office, said that 30 local units have already sent their programme proposal. They will send the budget for the programmes after receiving data from all local units. She added that the budgets will be distributed based on programme proposals selected by the local units.

Chief Secretary of the Province, Mr.Kebal Prasad Bhandari said the authorities have prepared strong guidelines to prevent the budget from being misused. Chief Minister of the Province, Mr.Mahendra Bahadur Shahi said that the provincial government plans to make youths self-dependent through employment opportunities.

According to the guideline, unemployed persons aged 18-59 years will be employed under the programme. The priority will be given to the impoverished people, conflict victims, Dalits, minorities and landless people in the programme.

Source: TKP