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Lead-trapreneurship: A New ERA


‘Entrepreneurship’ is a buzzword in today’s world. A lot of people are aiming to be an entrepreneur but it seems we are confused between Entrepreneurship and Business, we tend to think both as synonyms of each other. If we look into the words briefly we will see some basic differences which can be classified very simply, an entrepreneur is someone who tries to bring some changes, rather than going with “ME-TOO” products or services as most of the normal business people do. The level of innovation is very high if you are an entrepreneur as they are sky divers, tend to take a lot of risks than that of measured risk as of Businessmen. A business owner is more of a boss or employer where as an Entrepreneur is a leader, a motivator, an activator.

Peter Drucker once said, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”  Today’s World is in demand of leaders than the boss. The need today in any organization, May it be social organization or business houses or nation itself is leaders, not Boss. Again if you say about Leadership vs Management it’s totally different case, “Leadership is more about change, inspiration, setting the purpose and direction, and building the enthusiasm, unity and ‘staying-power’ for the journey ahead. Management is less about change, and more about stability and making the best use of resources to get things done. But here is the key point: leadership and management are not separate. And they are not necessarily done by different people. It’s not a case of, ‘You are either a manager or a leader’. Leadership and management overlap…” (From The Three Levels of Leadership, J Scouller, 2011) but we do have a notion about leaders that s/he needs to have followers, not exactly, a leader is one who produces more leaders. Having a lot of leaders, each experts of different segments of the business eventually brings coordinated profit to the company itself. This is where the expertise counts. Leadership is an asset to today’s world of business. If the company is led by a leader rather than a boss, the employees tend to work more flexibly and efficiently.

I once read a book “Leader who had no title” by Robin Sharma, it very well1286735366673 depicted that a title does not makes a leader, it’s the attribute that does. Here it was very well said in page number 136, “If you want to win, you need to help others win. And part of that is doing all you can do to build a high-performance culture within your organization.” Nothing can be proved without an example. Hence, I will provide one. I, myself, lead two companies, one is glocalkhabar.com and the other is Ad-Link, the working style of both the companies is completely different. Let’s talk about the first company, I need to put a very small effort in the day to day working of glocalkhabar.com as the team here is self-motivated as I have been a kind of lenient supervisor, I have left all the news publishing, website content management on them. The crew then is very motivated and responsible about the works that need to be done and published, the work here is very well divided amongst the team, eventually I only have to deal with partnerships and client/resource management. Lao Tzu very well said, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

Likewise, for Ad-link, as I dream to make this company an outstanding corporate promotion-entrepreneurshipcompany, I have been working for this like boss-helper. I have not been able to follow the leadership attributes here, as I have been doing all by myself. Working with the team, motivating all of them, captivating their efforts, efficiency and performing is what an entrepreneur should do. It’s difficult to be a boss and just order around but you never know about the motivation of your team. It seems many state-run organizations or service providing agencies and even private ones have the culture of top to bottom relationship where there is little room for motivation rather decree and orders are common. Self-motivation among the staffs is lacking. If there are any private organizations operating in the same modality of the government run agencies, they maybe towards a steep decline whether slowly or quickly. But it’s very easy if you be a leader and make everyone in your team an individual leader so your works get easier and more efficient, which eventually makes your company prosper and efficient.


We lead when we manage a football team or teach, present in a classroom. We lead our own groups when we are in a team, and we lead when we organize anything. We certainly lead when we manage projects, or develop a new business. We lead the moment we take the first supervisory responsibility at work, and we may lead even before we assume official responsibility to do anything. A writer or visionary may lead when he or she puts pen to paper and creates a book, or poem, or article which inspires and moves others to new thoughts and actions. A monarch and a president are both leaders. So is a local development workers, and so can be a fund-raiser. A ruthless dictator is a leader. So was Mother Teresa, and so was Mahatma Gandhi.

We can find leadership in every sort of work and play, and in every sort of adventure and project, regardless of scale, and regardless of financial or official authority.

The term is hereby coined in this article, “Lead-trapreneurship”, this is where the leader and entrepreneur blends together. Be a motivator, an activator, a team player before doing business. As these are the skills you will need to have to be with people and do remember business is all about managing people and shaping a culture of work environment. Again it’s like Egg-Chicken Methodology. To be a leader, do business, there is no free lunch, you need to incentivize your team when they are working for the company. They should get something out of what they do. The leaders are those who can bring all the efforts to make a combined venture for a defined and set goals.

Hereby, Lead-trapreneurship is the necessity of today’s era and to be an entrepreneur, leadership quality and making more leaders is necessary. I would say Mandatory.

Images have been copied from salvatoredelucia.weebly.com,www.canberraentrepreneur.com

Asish Thakur

Executive Director, Glocal Khabar


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