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Leaders calls for patience and resilience

Leaders calls for patience and resilience
Leaders calls for patience and resilience

Kathmandu, Aug. 26: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has appealed to all to contribute to concluding the constitution writing process with patience and resilience.

Taking part in the deliberations on the amended draft of the Constitution of Nepal, 2072 at the CA this morning, UML Chair and CA member Oli said we are in the midst of a very unique and quality constitution making process, which has deeply internalized the norms and values of democracy.

“We are at a very historical and serious mode in terms of drafting a democratic constitution”, he said while adding that the people’s long-cherished dream of writing a constitution through their representatives was very near to be realised. The new constitution comes to us as a very important document in terms of guiding the country towards the path of development and establishing people’s rights.

He also alerted towards efforts being made to foil the constitution making process. “We are all Nepali brothers and sisters and not enemies, lets maintain social harmony, discuss and move ahead”, he said while appealing to all to become united to fulfill the duty of constitution making.

As the amended bill relating to the Constitution of Nepal, 2072 has come as a document of consensus and understanding, all should understand and accept it accordingly, he added.

Also taking part in the deliberations, UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said it was obvious for voices to be raised at the final hour of the constitution making process to ensure that one’s rights are codified in it.

Though the final draft has not been able to fully address the sentiment of all sides including the indigenous nationalities, the draft is the document that was possible through the present composition of the CA.

The constitution making process is at a very difficult stage of history and the Nepali people are in favour of declaration of a federal democratic constitution as soon as possible, he said while adding that it was a matter of pride that we have got such a draft from this CA. “I appeal to the federalist socialist forum, the Madhesh-based parties and other sides concerned to not leave the constitution making process, come for a dialogue and help resolve the problem”, he said.

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