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Leaders Stress For Not Repeating The Fate Of First CA Meet

Leaders Stress For Not Repeating The Fate Of First CA Meet
Leaders Stress For Not Repeating The Fate Of First CA Meet

Kathmandu,9 March 2015: Political leaders on Monday said the parties should not allow the second Constituent Assembly to meet the same fate of the first CA which was dissolved due to failure to come to a consensus.

In an interaction programme held in the capital, CPN (UML) Vice Chairperson Bidhya Devi Bhandari claimed the constitution would be delivered before May 29 as agreement had already been reached on forms of governance, judiciary and the electoral system. Bhandari also underlined her party’s inclination to draft the constitution on basis of consensus.

“We must urgently give country an outlet to the country from current impasse even if we have to form a federal commission to resolve problems in the disputed districts,” she said.

Nepali Congress Spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu said the opportunity of the renewal of negotiation among the ruling and the opposition should not be allowed to go abortive. He added that constitution cannot be drafted through agitation on the streets while urging all the stakeholders of the peace process to stand for a single platform to draft the new constitution. “Nepali Congress’ bottom-line is to draft the new constitution through agreement, cooperation and unity,” he said.

He called for resolving the differences seen in the five districts through dialogue so as to prevent the bid on consensus from falling out.

Spokesperson of the opposition alliance, Prem Bahadur Singh called on the ruling parties to shun their arrogance. “The mass demonstration on February 28 was not an agitation, but rather meant to mount pressure for agreement,” Singh asserted.

Sadbhawana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato said the constitution was not made due to arrogance of the ruling side emanating from their two-third majority. He called on the media to prioritize disseminating credible information citing they had a significant role to play in the constitution making.



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