Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Concludes
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator, a workshop on leadership skills and entrepreneurship skills development, held from 13th July, 2014 at Kings College, Bijulibazar.
The LEI is a workshop brought to by BOLD School of Entrepreneurship in association with Open Space Nepal supported by UWC-USA and UWC-Nepal. The workshop duration is of 22 days, starting with an opening ceremony on the 14th of July, 2014 at Kings College and a closing ceremony on the 14th of August, 2014 at Annapurna Hotel.

“The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) is a new and unique learning environment that is devoted to fostering the leaders and entrepreneurs in developing nations all around the world. With our dedicated mentors and encompassing curriculum, students have undergone an intense four-week program that we believe has enhanced the leadership and entrepreneurship skills needed for the world of business and entrepreneurship today and for the future. Having formed critical partnerships with global organizations that provide resources and guidance that expand the horizon of opportunities beyond the borders of Nepal. Students have worked under the mentorship of these renowned organizations and mentors in creating their own project or business that will have an impact locally and in the future, globally. Combined with our meaningfully structured curriculum and inspiring atmosphere, our students have become individual thinkers for positive change in their communities.” Says Mr. Aabhushan Khadka, Co-Founder, Bold School Of Entrepreneurship.

“The major feature of LEI is its curriculum and the people who are responsible of teaching the curriculum. This curriculum has been designed by the founding members of BOLD School of Entrepreneurship with the assistance of United World College-USA (UWC-USA). This curriculum will be taught by the organizers of LEI. However, every topic in the curriculum has been taught with the assistance of a group of guest speakers for LEI who are Nepal’s most influential businessmen, leaders, politicians and so on. Participants at LEI had the exclusive opportunity to meet new inspirational personalities of Nepal every single day throughout the workshop.” – Says Mr. Orhun Burzkurt, Co-Founder, Bold School Of Entrepreneurship.

“During the course of the workshop, participants have been asked to work on their own ventures as LEI aims to generate a new generation of young entrepreneurs in Nepal and to make the BOLD School the entrepreneurial hub of Nepal. At the end of the workshop students have submitted their ventures to the LEI idea completion where their projects have the opportunity of getting seed funding. With this seed funding and the robust support of LEI network and mentors, these participants can become young entrepreneurs of Nepal.” – Says Mr. Mohit Agrawal, Marketing Director, Open Space Nepal.
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) aims to create a favorable environment for the present generation of youth in the field of entrepreneurship while simultaneously providing them with world class leadership skills. Our society is primarily based on the stigma that everyone who is educated should become doctors or engineers. To break this stigma and allow the youth to explore other opportunities in other sectors of the economy, LEI believes to play a significant role in this revolution. With the inspiration, motivation and guidance from Nepal most influential people these 24 deserving candidates can set a milestone in the felid of entrepreneurship in a country like Nepal.



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