Home News “Leadership Award for Community Resilience” received by Thami of Dolakha.

“Leadership Award for Community Resilience” received by Thami of Dolakha.


KATHMANDU, March 26: Chhali Maya Thami has been awarded “Leadership Award for Community Resilience” who is native of Sorung Khola, Dolakha . This award has highlighted the efforts of a community who has established and managed an integrated approach for the production and distribution of “cardamom,” a plant that includes a deep and widespread root system that maintains wet and saves the soil.

The award was sponsored by UNDP and Himalayan Consensus Initiative. The award was handed over to Thami on March 23, 2018 by Mr. Renaud Meyer, Country Director of UNDP Nepal and Mr. Laurence Brahm, founding father of the Himalayan Consensus Initiative on the opening day of Himalayan Consensus Summit.

Thami Stated, “This has demonstrated that there are many women in Nepal who can take the leadership roles for the greater good of their community despite the odds.”

“The cardamom project and the work of the Himalayan Consensus are both aligned with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and highlight in a tangible way the positive expression of community integration and empowerment,” said Brahm.

“I am highly pleased to receive this award.I feel further encouraged to work towards building the resilience of the economically backward community,” added Thami upon receiving the award.

The award presented to Thami was decided by the jury comprising of experts from UNDP who was independent and Himalayan Consensus.

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