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Leadership and Sharing: Eighth Session of EmpowHer Junior


The eighth session of EmpowHer Junior started with energizers from Dipti.

Dr.Charu Chhetri took the lead for the day’s first session. As she wasn’t in Nepal, she took her session via Skype.It was great to know about her project idea and listen how she wanted to make a change through her project. Her project idea was related to uterine prolapse treatment for women in a rural part of the country. She was the changemaker of EmpowHER 2015. She shared her experiences, challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

Her session motivated us very much to put the effort into our project. After the session with Charu ma’am, we did our check-in. Check-in helps us in communicating with Ujyalo team our feeling about the session until now. We prepared for the pitching session then.

We made three groups in every table and we discussed our pitching. We did our pitching in the group and other group members gave us feedback. Then one by one, we came at the front and shared our pitch. All other girls had to give feedback to them. All girls had to take eight feedbacks. Then Amuda ma’am taught us how to tell pitching. In this session, we learned how to pitch our ideas in a right way.

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Our next session was on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. Pushpa Joshi from LOOM Nepal took this session until lunch. She highlighted things about Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) which we were unknown of. Also, she gave meta-cards to every one of us which contained information about our rights. We were to read them aloud and explain them to our peers. The session became informational and interactional simultaneously.

After the lunch, we had a musical chair game as an energizer. It was followed by the session from  Women LEAD.They helped us explore different political dimensions of the country and emphasized why women leadership was important. We also played Bingo which was designed to check our knowledge on Nepali Politics After all the sessions, we planned about our Fund Raising scheduled for 4 February. Planning included division of work on bringing craft work and brownie to distribute on the Fund Raising. We also discussed about our venue, time and individual share of money for the event. It was really a productive and informational session.

By: Sneha Jha and Prerana Tamang

The writers are EmpowHER Junior Changemakers