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Leadership Vs Teamship


Personality trait is the most important factor while leading a company, organization or any situation that you are involved, which can be:


Trusting team is very important as you find the strength in the team members so that those can be capitalized in the organization. Delegating the task on the basis of their interest will bring out as much effectiveness as possible.


Effective communication is really very important while leading a team. A clear communication which is direct about the work, where your team members know exactly what to do.


The sense of positivity, positive morale shall always be seen in a leader, so that everyone in the organization is motivated. Being confident on something moves everyone in the team.


The quality inspiration is very important in a leader. Moreover, in terms of new startups, motivating and inspiring team is very important to make the team understand about the vision.

These are few qualities that are must for a leader, some other are honesty, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, intuition and approach.

I personally try to motivate, empower and delegate the works to people I work with. What I believe is bringing the feeling of ownership in people I work with, which enables me to work more closely with them for the betterment of overall goal.

I try to make everybody feel the ownership in what they are doing. Bringing a new idea and discussing it with the team members immediately and making everyone involved in the ideas help in having their ownership in the venture.

It is very important to relate personal vision with the company’s

The vision that my company has is a start to what I vision. My personal vision shapes up the steps to my company’s vision and vice versa. Yes, to talk about the direct co-relation between my vision with my company’s, the company envisions providing business solutions worldwide, and I dream to be at airport and plane most of the time. This brings to a relation between my dream and company’s dream.

My vision is about dreaming big and creating a billion-dollar company which is based upon the relation and collaborations worldwide which is now a vision of my company. For making a billion-dollar company, I envision to be in the field of conglomerate and that is not possible in isolation so working for it through Glocal today.

My personal values do align to my company’s value as both of them talks about the power of affiliation and gradual growth and achieving something which is big. It also implies in making connections and collaboration with people which makes it be more about people’s centric value.

By Asish Thakur