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When we say ‘leader’, what comes on your mind? Political leader or your boss or someone else who has influenced your life? Everyone has their own perspective towards the word ‘Leader’ and the one they see as a leader in their lives.

Leadership is one of the branch of psychology. It is the ability to influence people through ideas, deeds or action and the result is change which maybe good or bad. Normally, leaders are categorized in three categories, they are teacher, hero and ruler. Teacher are those leaders who teaches and directs us to be a better person in life. Hero are those leaders who influence people to be like them through their skill and talent. Lastly, rulers are those who makes us follow their path.

Every individual has their own style and strategy to lead a group or an organization. There are some multiple factors that differentiate each leader from one another. One of the best example of two different leaders are Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. They are polar opposite. Mahatma Gandhi fought a battle with the British using non-violence while Adolf Hitler killed thousands of people to reach the position he wanted to. We all have different image of the leader that we look upon.

Some traits that a good leader needs to have or that makes a good leader are vision, ability, enthusiasm, stability, concern for others, confidence, persistence, vitality, charisma and integrity. Also, leadership qualities are not only limited within the organization but beyond management duties.

Relating leadership with business, leadership is doubtfully one of the factor that determines the success of an organization. In business, leadership is linked to performance and any leadership definition has to take that into account. A strong leaders can help an organization to achieve the organizational goal in an effective and efficient manner to get a maximum output. Having said that, good leaders cannot always be seen as the one who helps company to higher the profit or the return in investment but also the one who increase the company’s bottom line.

There is always a debate if leaders are born or made. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, but with time ones can enhance their leadership skills through practicing it or thorough coaching. Nevertheless, there is no only one way to lead in any circumstances.

Hence, there is a leader in all of us. Leaders is less about position and more about disposition. Leadership is not about superiority but the strength to take along a group with you for something good, for a change.