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Learning Center launched by the Lalitpur Metropolitan City


Kathmandu: The Lalitpur Metropolitan City has launched a Mitra Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center in Chakupat, Lalitpur, to alert people of various disasters.

The center was inaugurated by LMC Mayor, Chiri Babu Maharjan and Japanese Ambassador to Nepal, Masamichi Saigo. The center shares disaster preparedness, ideas for safeguarding during various disasters, and information about what types of disasters are common in some parts of the country.

The center will share information about common types of emergencies in countries such as major earthquakes, floods, landslides, windstorms, and infernos. It also provides knowledge on how to provide basic health care and rescue victims in a variety of disasters. It also provides a brief history of the various outbreaks that have killed the country in the past.

The center provides classes for school children and teachers, locals, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private organizations that want to participate in the learning process.

Mayor Maharjan said that the center would be largely beneficial as it would create disaster preparedness plans. “We have also created a ward-level disaster management fund, which will be helpful in treating people who suffer due to various kinds of disasters.”

Japanese Ambassador Saigo said-“The center would help by teaching techniques for saving lives during disasters and thus would reduce loss in disasters. The centre was built with the support of City Net, an organization of local governments and stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Plus Art and Toshiba Foundation.”

Source: THT