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Let’s change


Nepal has never had any of the fossil fuel projects in the past and the context is same at the present. But we have brought in innumerable quantity of gasoline and its other forms since the last few decades. The nation has invested a huge sum into the fossil fuel technology which will be coming to halt within next few decades.

The workhorse of the entire world at the present is gasoline. We have our engines run by them, our stoves lit at home, planes flown and many other applications in the present world. According to the experts, the gasoline stock remaining at the present can fuel the entire world for not more than 25 years. So, what are we going to do after that? How are we going to lift our planes? Everyone in Kathmandu should have realized that the fossils have made us such dependent that even a small cut in its supply rumbles the valley and what would it result in after the end of last barrel of oil. If not stopped and transitioned to renewable resources, we shall again start striving on foot. This is a consequence that Nepal and the entire world would see after the shortage of oil and gas and there has come many other consequences that the world is looking into without the end of fossils’ age: climate change and global warming.

Climate change is an ethical challenge in Nepal and to the world brought by coal, oil and gas. Every year we get to know about flood, heavy drought that sweeps away production, no rain which ceases the production, melting of snowline, Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) and many other irregularities. If you are in valley, you should remember muddy drought few weeks back. According to a source, Nepal gets listed among the top most vulnerable countries to climate change and global warming without having any of the fossil fuel projects. We should be thinking on it early or it shall be very difficult to correct in future.

It is shocking that the developed nations who attended the pact of the Paris climate agreement are supporting and planning new fossil fuel projects. No matter wherever you belong to, the use of coal, oil and gas at one corner of the world will definitely affect the communities living in another corner of the world. Being global citizens, it is our prime duty to discourage fossil fuel technology and projects anywhere in the world and start working on renewable resources.

There are many organizations and initiatives working to reach to the people to lower the use and impact of fossils in our day to day lives. The Ministry of Environment, Nepal has worked on climate change issues and since it is we people who can experience the change, every single person should contemplate on this local, global issue.