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Life: An Adventure


Kathmandu, August 10, 2018: With blood all over the surface of the body,the long navel and the loud cry that brings great blossoms in everyone around , we first introduce ourselves to this world or lets say this world identifies itself to you as a whole package of surprise . With coldness and stiffness in the whole body,your journeys remembered by everyone else except you and your unbreakable silence and commitment of your body for not coming back to life which overwhelms everyone around,you warm the goodbye to this world or lets say this world itself knocks you out of its surprise package. The journey between the world introducing you and the world knocking you out , it’s called life and it’s an adventure .

Adventure are never meant to be sure ,you never know where it ends ,how it ends ,when it ends and what will be the final outcomes, so is the life. The core that says you are in your life is that you were born and you have not died yet. The time you spend in adventure and life can never be retained ,only memories can be decorated in the corner of the heart, and yeah the heart could be yours or someone else’s because these two anomalies don’t have sure outcomes. The life and adventure both seems to be interesting with the companies, but only the beginning seems so , as the journey begins and goes on you have to travel on your own. The childhood phase of your life is the beginning time of your adventure. Everything seems so easy and compatible, you think everyone is by your side and everyone will support you till the end. Well,that’s an illusion created by life and we all are trapped in this for a while.

Life shows its true colour to you ,let it be sooner or later. Loving the unexpected things popped out in the adventure makes you the great adventurer. Hating the sequences that arises during the journey never gives the life you need. Life itself is an adventure , but to make adventure your life , you need to treasure some people , warm the goodbyes to some and learn something from everyone. There are many ups and downs during the adventure. Sometimes you feel the gentle wind passing by you giving you the great relief and consequently you feel the burning sun showing it’s anger on you. At one time you see the devastated area and the other time you see the unimaginable heavens.Tackling those ups and downs with gentle smile and strong determinations makes you able to feel the true beauty of life During the life, you need to always recognize the golden persons ,because they are the ones who make your adventure meaningful. Valuing the things and keeping the valuable persons aside never leads your adventure to a memorable ending. Adventure and life are meant to end , once you begin it ,it will end itself and at the end things you value get vanished and your true evidence of existence gets treasured in the heart of those whose heart were won by you.Life is a golden chance to beautifully rule over other’s heart.

Love your life and life will love you back , make your life a true adventure and this world will treasure you. Everyone alive is not living the true journey of life . Being alive is not enough,live your life and feel the adventure. The surprises hidden in the adventure comes out to you only when you make your life worth it. It is sure that one day this world will say goodbye to you ,but live your life in such a way that this world would regret for knocking you out. When you get out of this world, don’t let people say “You lost your life” ,make them say “Life lost you”. Make your life great because adventures are always great. Live your life ,explore yourself and the world, enjoy your adventure and you will be forever treasured.

By: Nilima Shrestha