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Life’s A Timeline: Make It Colorful


C.S. Lewis said, “The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is”.

Life is a simple timeline, it’s we who take the unnecessary stress in understanding and commanding it. It moves on at the pace it has to, none can bring obstacles to it.

Our sole duty is to upgrade the maturity, dedication, determination in us with a sense of success, achievement with positive impacts. Like Robert frost said, life goes on.

As said, we should always perform our duty – ‘the work’ we do, and never think or opt for the fruit- ‘the result’.

Well, the fruit may be rotten or fresh, but my question is: Why should we work if it does not satisfy our needs? The motto of our work is simply having something in our life or at least earn a living. Why do we waste our time if it’s not worth it? I have a simple philosophy,

I work for my desire

I live for my dreams

I dream for my success

I will succeed!!!

Benjamin Franklin says, ‘time is money’, that is wasting time is liable to wasting money. We all will agree now that wasting money is not feasible. In the world of business, will we ever do anything which is not feasible? So why would we do something which is not profitable for our life? Why will we choose our failure?

We all know it’s life. It has a time period so the choice is for productive and profitable works. Why would we do any work and not brainstorm about its result? It’s us who live the life.

Yes, life does move on, but it is us who gives it the track, which is for the result. It is only us who can make ourselves succeed or fail.

Living life in a grand manner is always better, because you are the only one who lives your life and the sad part is we get it only once.

As life is a timeline, it is obvious that it will bring both sorrow and happiness. And, we are the ones to manage things in our life, and there comes the part of moving on in life.

It is similar to the sunset and sunrise, it’s the reality of the universe and life. But we should never forget that there is a sunrise and then a sunset.

Whenever sorrow takes over, you should always think of the happiness you have had before that has enveloped you. Yes, life is a queer mixture of happiness and sorrow.

Both complement each other, you just need to search the positive and joyful moments of life that can lessen your sorrow as the case may be.

Life is a timeline, make it colorful. Here is a quote by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, let’s think upon it, “I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches. “

By: Asish Thakur