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January 10, 2015: Lets have the change in the lifestyle trend then and now;

2015: Asking Your Smartphone for Something In 2015 it was hard to know whether someone was talking on their phone or to their phone. After all, our devices can look up, schedule, remind and pretty much manage our entire lives.

2016: Having Your Smartphone Do Something More and more of our apps will be able to do things from our phones. MatchCo lets you customize a makeup foundation just by tapping your cheek. The Breathometer will help detect levels of alcohol consumption or will tell you if you have bad breath. Our phones are getting smarter and smarter.

2015: Going to Your Classes 2015 saw an explosion in classes– Yoga Classes, cardio boxing, Gyming, classes in coding, classes in crafting. We were cuckoo for classes.

2016: Classes Streamed to Your Home In 2016 you won’t have to leave your home to take the best classes. More and more, you can have classes streamed live to you. From online fitness classes like spin, yoga and meditation, you’ll have no excuse not to get your sweat on.

2015: Staycations or Cross-Country Wandering 2015 was about cozying up at home or going on a cross-country road trip. But after too many “are we there yet??”, even these vacations can get a little tiresome.

2016: Vacations With a Purpose Forget traveling just to travel. Whether detoxing from tech, going to retreats where you have to turn in your device or vacations where you also conduct public service, there’s a focus on wellness and doing something good for yourself and good for the world. Vacations will no longer be about just indulging.


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