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Lisa Haydon: Being pursued by three old men is not something that most girls want


2 November,2014: In The Shaukeens, Lisa Haydon plays the object of affection of three old men. The leggy lass opens up about the movie that has her in her first solo lead.

How did it feel being wooed by three old men?

My character Ahana is like a little girl, she is innocent and emotionally volatile. She has no idea that they lust after her. These three men are father figure to her. When the cameras rolled, all the attention was on me. These three guys were jumping, running and doing everything to get my attention. It was hilarious. Being pursued by three old men is not something that most girls want. But in the movie, my character loves it.

Were you sceptical about doing the movie?

All of us had reservations about being able to pull off the content. Never ever would I want to objectify our femininity or be responsible for making women feel like that. So, for me, it was all about how to play this character — to make her look naive without being stupid. What made me feel relieved was the assurance that I was working with three respected actors — Annu Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Piyush Mishra. I didn’t want this character to be portrayed in a derogatory manner, which was the concern initially. The film is not looking sleazy or second rate.

This is your first solo lead project. Excited?

It is challenging as the focus is on me. You spend one-and-a-half months working on your character. But that is not how I look at it. I was happy even while doing Queen. As long as the audience can connect with my character, I am happy.

Have you seen the original?
My dad got me the film when I was recuperating from dengue recently. I saw it for about five minutes as it was very late in the night. So I just fast forwarded it to the part where
Rati Agnihotri comes, and then dozed off. There is something charming about the film, I want to watch the rest of it.

Source:The Times of India


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