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I live my dreams daily!


I am not talking about the dreams you see while you are asleep. Let’s talk about the ones don’t let you sleep at all.

As a child, you have countless dreams. You look at characters from movies and you dream of becoming a TV star someday, you look at your dad going to work every day with purpose and you tell everyone you want to become a businessman and sometimes you see an ice cream vendor in the street and, you want to be one for the unlimited supply of ice cream. As adults, though, we start being reasonable or so I thought. For instance, as a kid I always dreamt I would find stacks of thousand rupee notes on the street and for someone reason I had a specific count, 34. Interestingly, I still dream of finding 34 lakhs on a huge bag below the Bagmati Bridge at 11:30 pm on my way home from a hard day’s work.

As time passed, I realized that I would never be able to find the money. From the guy who wanted to be an ice-cream man to a microbiologist. It turns out that my dreams started to align more in line with my life goals only later. I dreamt of a decent job, I dreamt of being with the girl I love, and I dreamt of making my family proud someday. When reality becomes better than your dreams, you feel truly alive. I had countless dreams as a kid and still have countless of them now. The important ones have become a reality and nothing can take away that feeling of exultant gladness of feeling truly alive.

However, a big bag of hard cash won’t be such a bad thing to find in the street every now and then!

By Sushan Dhakal

The writer is a micro-biologist at Unilever Quality Alliance.