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Living her dream as Lady Pilot cum Makeup Artist: Bipashi Tuladhar


Kathmandu, August 6, 2018: Since childhood, she wanted to be a pilot. In her auto memo book, she had written Pilot as her aim in life. Her parents supported her in every step and to focus on it. Her dad said, “This is your dream, just keep focusing”. At the same time, she loved doing makeup. She reminisces about using her mom’s makeup during childhood. Both these interests were going hand in hand.  “But I always wanted to fly since I was young even if I was afraid to”, says Bipashi Tuladhar, Pilot at Sita Air Pvt. Ltd. and Makeup Artist and Founder at Bipashi’s Makeup & Styling.

After her plus 2, she completed her Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) from Delta Qualiflight Aviation from Texas, USA and returned to Nepal in 2010 with skills, passion and enthusiasm. However, things did not happen as he was expecting. She had to wait 8 years to get the job she wanted, to be a pilot which was her dream since childhood.

Her Makeup Journey

Within her 8 years span, she did not lose focus to achieve her dream. She did multiple jobs. She worked as a blogger and makeup artist. She says, ” I don’t regret waiting all these years. I cannot stay idle. So, I kept on discovering my skills in makeup.”

Inspired by her mom in makeup, she was always passionate about makeup. Recalling her childhood, she says, “I used to wait Saturday during school time to apply nail art. I am the one to use my mom’s make up the most.”

Her friend offered her to do bridal makeup and the idea of initiating her own venture turned into action through Bipashi’s Makeup & Styling. Word of mouth, online marketing became the major strategies to her growing business and her profession. She gives credit to her cousin brother, Prashraya Ratna Tuladhar to help her make the business model for her business.

For 3 years after its establishment, her venture was running pretty well until the devastating earthquake occurred in 2015.  She was disappointed career-wise because she wanted to get back her main aim to be a pilot.

Getting Back to Flying

Getting back was challenging yet her determination was strong. She started going to gym and lost her weight. She started studying and training again for piloting for two years course.

In 4 months, she lost 18kgs. She started gaining confidence to get back to aviation journey. She got her job after 6 months of preparation and training.

She says,” I was almost 28 -29 and I was still struggling to be a pilot.  I used to question myself if I am doing the right thing. I used to take suggestions. However, when I focused on my target, I started taking fewer suggestions.”


Flying as lady pilot

While talking with Glocal Khabar, she says that being the only female pilot in the workplace-Sita Air is encouraging. Her colleagues are proud to have a female pilot on the team. “I did not find it challenging being the only female pilot in my workplace”, she shared.

“Bipashi is a heavyweight lifter and we should not mess with her”, her colleagues joke around as she loves heavy weight lifting in her gym as well.

Is it challenging to be a pilot?

Daring and confident in nature, Bipashi expresses, “You are not just flying, you are flying with the responsibility of all people who fly with you. You have to be prepared all the time. All seconds are important. You have to be very responsible and should not ignore problems.”

To all the dreamers who want to make take up pilot as a profession, she shares the skills set that one needs to have. In her own words, “You need to be good in maths and science in your high school, have learning attitude, be humble in nature to deal with passengers, crew, emergency situations and most importantly your interest and dedication.”

Her message to youth

“Love yourself and do what you love to. Focus on your dream and it will eventually happen.”

By: Alina Prajapati